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HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Portsmouth: HMS Warrior.
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photograph of HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior was the world's first iron-hulled armoured battleship powered by steam as well as sail and constructed of wrought iron.

Almost overnight, Warrior had made every other warship obsolete.

She has been preserved as a living museum for the public to view. As the ship has four decks, connected by steep steps, there is alternative access for disabled visitors to two decks. Ramps provide access to the Upper Deck although at certain times the tides may make the gradient steep. There is a stairlift (seat) from the Upper Deck to the Main Gun Deck.

Having miraculously survived 100 years of neglect, Warrior has been magnificently restored to how she was when she was first commissioned. As you explore her vast gun deck, you will realise why no enemy dared to challenge her. A mighty symbol of Queen Victoria's Empire.

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You are viewing panorama No.11 (HMS Warrior), one of 21 Virtual Reality 360 degree views of Portsmouth.

Map of Portsmouth showing the location of HMS Warrior at Latitude 50.79868 / Longitude -1.10812.
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